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Category: ActOn Products

ActOn Finishing Centrifugal Drier

The Centrifugal Drier is great for drying wet components after the finishing process, thus preventing corrosion and parts getting dried with stains and residues from the finishing process. How it Works? The centrifugal drier machine works with the circulation of open loop hot air. The processed parts are placed in a bowl which is rotated… Read more »

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Surface Finishing on Additively Manufactured Components

Laser Sintering This process uses the laser as a power source to sinter the powdered metal, by aiming the laser at points in space defined by slicing a 3-D model into stacked layers of a certain resolution along the Z-axis (height). This results in the binding of the material in order to create a solid… Read more »

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New Product Launch: HT2

  The main features and benefits of the HT2 include: It’s mounted on caster wheels, making it easy to move around. Compact design to optimise floor space and portability and storage. Low noise level at approximately 65 dB. Dosing pump can output 10L an hour is easily accessible. Independent recirculation system and integrated water filtration… Read more »

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